Attain the ultimate emptiness
Hold on to the truest tranquility
The myriad things are all active
I therefore watch their return
The singularity has no “around” around it. There is no space for it to occupy, no place for it to be. We can’t even ask how long it has been there—whether it has just lately popped into being, like a good idea, or whether it has been there forever, quietly awaiting the right moment. Time doesn’t exist. There is no past for it to emerge from.
Man has throughout the ages been seeking something beyond himself, beyond material welfare - something we call truth or God or reality, a timeless state - something that cannot be disturbed by circumstances, by thought or by human corruption.
"I think that what happens to man, animal or plant, is not unlike what happens with the sun, the earth or moon ..from an absolute point of view..everything revolves around a common centre of gravity representing the entire system. A centre of gravity is nothing without the force that draws all parties together "
The more exposed is the abstract element of the shape, the more primitive and pure it sounds. Thus in a composition wherein the physical element is more or less dispensable, it can be omitted more or less, and replaced with purely abstract forms or physical forms fully translated into the abstract. Intuition should be the only judge, guide and harmonizer of any translation or integration of the purely abstract form ....
…In reality you are not an individual body, in reality you're not a personality, and, in fact, you are nothing at all ... The truth is that you are really nothing, but that nothing is full, complete, infinite, it is in everything and everywhere. This nothing is consciousness itself. And it is total, full and complete. This is the incredible paradox. What you want and what you run away from is the same!.