We are all able to swim naked in the ocean of consciousness that is the real me. The real me is not your self. It is that that is within which are your mind and body, that which no living being can do without, but is unlimited and thank God exists ... regardless of your effort.
The idea that the truth of who you are can enter your individual consciousness, even for an instant, and reveal what it is made is the last, while still independent of it, is a real scourge for the mind. Then it is put to work; trying to recover that moment of absolute admiration, to preserve, to understand, to serve ... In general try to do something with it. The mind makes many attempts to "preserve" what is already always there, and these attempts feed the mental activity that strives to understand.
Then one day, individual consciousness ends. "And then ..." like the joke, "you die". The possibility is always present in your life to stop trying to do anything to get to your identity and just relax in this nectar of pure consciousness that is always there.
The power to stop is indescribable. The moment you stop, there is no concept of anything, and yet there is consciousness. Consciousness without concepts is natural and intrinsically free. In an instant, it manifests itself. We are so used to following our concepts, we have reached converting consciousness into a concept. In the timeless moment of recognition
consciousness exists without any need for concepts, identification with the concept falls. This is an essential experience. Then a deepening recognition occurs that consciousness is free and independent of the concept. This is true freedom ....
The great masters who have discovered their essential nature encourage us to confront this terror to the dissolution of our individuality. The result of this meeting is paradoxical: the individual is dissolved, and yet more clearly differentiated and defined. The particular and unique consciousness that it can be recognized in individual form, and simultaneously recognized as the force that animates everything ... ..
…In reality you are not an individual body, in reality you're not a personality, and, in fact, you are nothing at all ... The truth is that you are really nothing, but that nothing is full, complete, infinite, it is in everything and everywhere. This nothing is consciousness itself. And it is total, full and complete. This is the incredible paradox. What you want and what you run away from is the same!.

Translation of Marianne Duncombe. Gangaji. Diamante en tu bolsillo: descubre tu verdadero Resplandor. Ed. Gaia. Madrid. 20082008 ISBN 9788484452126